How to get your first 500 followers on Instagram

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Do you have less than 500 followers on Instagram? Let’s change that for you, shall we?

So maybe you’re starting a brand new Instagram account and you want to quickly hit that 500 follower mark, or maybe you had your account for a while but you’re stuck and the numbers are just not moving in either case these tips will help you reach that 500 follower mark.

Firstly if you haven’t watched my last video I strongly encourage you to do that because it explains how you should set up your account before you try to grow your numbers, I’m going to share with you some general tips and then I have some few specific ones at the end.


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Step 1

Focus on instagram, if you want instagram to be a priority then you have to make it your priority for a while, stop what you are doing on other platforms and stick to Instagram for a couple of weeks.

Step 2

Announce on your other social platforms that you’re on Instagram especially if you’re taking a break on the other social platforms so you can tweet it, you can post it on Facebook, and you can let them know where you are so that they can keep up with you there.

Step 3

Commit to posting daily, you heard me posting every day is essential to keeping the followers that you already have if you’re inconsistent then people will just follow you.

Step 4

Follow big brands and influencers in your space, people scroll through through their followers of big brands and sometimes they will click into your account, if they like what they see they are much more likely to follow you back, add knit specifically hashtags to every single post, I like to add seven in the description below, I also like to use unique hashtags like the Instagram expert.

Step 5

Make a big deal about it tell people that you’re on  Instagram,dedicate an email to your list, add your user name to your business card and maybe you gonna include social promo when your customers make purchase, you can use @ social Ps to create one of these unique promo cards. I know that typically getting your first 500 followers is the most difficult to achieve but once you get there getting to 1000 `followers is a lot quicker I know that you can do it just put in the work dedicate your time and focus on Instagram. Need more Instagram tips to boost your account download my free instagram strategy guide its right here in the description below and as always I want you to have hashtag instar awesome day.

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