The landscape of social media is constantly changing and becoming so crowded. Even if you have amazing information to share, it probably won’t be seen unless you learn the right strategies to thrive instead of being the best kept secret.

You can keep trying to figure out the secrets to breaking through to success on Instagram and go around in circles or....

Save yourself a lot of time and money by implementing the proven strategies we've used with our celebrity clients that pay us $10K + per month.

You have probably seen instagram accounts whose content is not nearly as good as yours yet you can’t understand why they have a big following and high engagement and you don’t?

we get it...

You’ll quickly learn the biggest mistakes you’ve been making and why you haven’t been getting the visibility you deserve.


right strategy and then implementing it.

You will need to learn the industry insider secrets and you will need to be consistent and committed to building your brand’s visibility.

If you are serious about wanting to be an influencer who makes a difference in your industry, you will have to put a proper plan in place. 

There is no quick fix.  it’s all about creating the

You may have seen offers online with a quick and easy way to build your following and engagement. Beware of these scams! Save yourself from making fatal mistakes when buying followers or ads online that look too good to be true.

As you become recognized, here are some of the many opportunities that will come:

You’ll form powerful strategic partnerships with other influencers

Gain ideal customers and clients

Be invited to speak at Live events

Be a guest expert on radio and TV sell more products and services

Build your following organically with true engagement

Inspire followers with your message

Reach more people and help them with your valuable resources

Stop watching other people online and saying to your closest friends:

wby her and not me?

Otherwise you’ll still be asking that same question:

why her and not me?



Don't be that person.

It stops your ability and desire to help others, make a difference and be profitable.

You must have a willingness to learn.


You need to be flexible and improve your ability to adapt to change.


You have to stop waiting and get into action.


As you can imagine it is incredibly exciting. One of our client’s, BEAUTYCON, needed an in house Social Media Manager. They called on us to find them the right team member, AND FAST.

Within 7 days,  we had a new Social Media Manager's hired to their team.

For BEAUTYCON, in less than 2 weeks their engagement increased by 250% with their new full time team member implementing the Digital Dossier we put in place!

one of our clients hit 1 million followers in 12 months

fun fact

As I said before, there is no quick fix however once you learn and apply the tools and strategies from one of the amazing creators in our FLEUR•ish net-work you’ll find your own magic formula being revealed to you!

Get your complimentary brand strategy discovery session if you are serious about making an impact in your industry and ready to do what is necessary to rise above your competitors!


Free Brand Strategy

 one-on-one guidance. 

An up and coming influencer or celebrity who is succeeding offline but overwhelmed by needing to have a social presence online (You do need to have a presence online)! FLEUR•ish is your solution. You would also benefit by pairing instagram with some

or if you are...

You need a skilled team member carefully vetted from our FLEUR•ish network!




beautiful eye-catching content,

engaged fans, comments that are organic testimonials uptick in followers to the double and triple digitals, and serious 

That's the power of good creative energy that can be yours when you commit to becoming an Instagram master online

if you knew how to create

Instagram can showcase your talent and put your amazing products and services in front of more of the right people, who want what you have to offer.

You’ve wanted to crack the code on increasing your Instagram followers for months. It’s hard to do it alone. All celebrity brands and influencers have a social media expert on their team behind the scenes and they invest thousands of dollars for that expertise and support.

Transforming thousands of interested Instagram lovers into clients and customers can become your reality with

just admit it

As a beauty industry expert, fashion stylist, designer, interior designer, yoga instructor, chef, foodie, coach or someone who works in a visually driven industry you can’t afford not to be on Instagram! 



who could you 

benefit you greatly?

What knowledge and services do you have that people don’t know about but would

to educate?

Who would you like

My client Shani Darden has expanded her reach on Instagram, educating more people on the benefits of great skincare. After upping her game on Instagram, she has received six figure brand deals, increased product sales, and currently has a 1 year waiting list for private facial appointments.

Most of my clients struggle with the following before we get started:

Feeling stuck and don’t know what to do to build traction

Overwhelmed with creating enough quality content every day (that’s 30-90 new content pieces per month, minimum)

Unsure how to present what they’re selling on Instagram

Don’t know how to find new followers or target their correct audience

Don’t know what’s up with the new algorithm change and their Facebook page is getting zero traction too 

Can you relate?

A few

key changes

to how you approach

 your relationship with Instagram will elevate

your brand's power

This program has proven methods to amplify your growth and ease your hustle.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few of my personal client transformations: 

A Dedicated team member to support you on your journey to success





And so much more...


Here’s what is inside...

10 reasons why FLEUR•ish is a must-have investment for your business or personal brand:

The idea of putting yourself out there is terrifying.

When your posts don’t get likes and comments, you feel frustrated or deflated.

You want a thriving, socially driven community of customers and fans who are waiting to buy what you’re selling.

You wish you could create gorgeous posts like a blogger or an award winning designer. 

You know that Instagram is the #1 social platform for brand discovery, conversation, and influence but don’t know how to use it effectively. 

You are an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to create a profitable business.

You dream to be a positive influence and profitable on social media, particularly on Instagram.

You love what you do but can’t figure out how to get “noticed."

You don’t know how to create the appropriate captions that communicate your brand message and don’t understand why your content is flat-lining.

You aren’t sure how to create high quality, consistent content that converts and have no clue what to post. 












Why do some people succeed at creating content, while others struggle?

If you can't master your message, and your ability to influence others, then you continue to miss opportunities on social media. When you learn how to master creating consistent content that converts, you become visible, credible and profitable.

heather catania

I'll show you how with


I currently work with media moguls, start ups, A-List actors, Fortune 500 companies, bloggers, and everything in between. I've worked with Harper’s Bazaar, Google Play Music, Spotify, The Weinstein Company, Samsung, H&M, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nordstoms, Barney's New York, BCBGeneration, Urban Outfitters, The New York Times, Nike, Italian Vogue, NYLON, ELLE, GQ, BeautyCon {and many more}. 

social influence.

Every method I will share with you has been tested and proven to increase your

my social following...

LIKE YOU, I WAS FIERCELY INTERESTED TO LEARN HOW TO effectively communicate, network, and build

As a former fashion magazine intern in New York City, my early 20's was spent timidly working with my head down, 20 hours per day, 7 days per week. I slept at the office frequently surrounded by a pile of paper and my teal green iMac G3. If the image of Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada just popped into your head, you're exactly right. I delivered cases of film to photo labs so that many popular cover shoots and fashion editorials could get developed (yes, I said film). The "digital thing" was a quiet whisper in 2003.

Now, in 2018, Instagram has reached over 600+ million users.

However, I had to start from the bottom and learn digital media from the ground floor. 

here's how...

My goal

was to have visually 



and impactful


I wanted less overwhelm, more life - using Instagram to meet new clients, get hired, sell my services, and connect with creatives on the other side of the world.

I wanted to feel like Sophia Amoruso going from broke eBay store reality to $200M net worth global brand glory before I was 30, then spend the rest of my life basking in my #GirlBoss-ness on a private island. 

I knew I needed to jump on this social media speed train to the new Promised Land, so I started researching training programs. Some of the social media training I explored on my own made me cringe. It felt over-promotional, sterile, and insincere. I didn't want my content to look cliché or techie.

I wanted to make stunning lifestyle content. I wanted to nail my voice and vision, and shatter the intense fear I felt about putting myself out there. 



Here's the hard

If you want to amplify your following, skyrocket your engagement, market your brand, build digital popularity, or just create pretty pictures, I’ve got tested and proven tools that you can immediately use to improve your social game. I created this program so you can learn how to social #CLIMB, the right way. 

You don’t need to be an A-List actor or a media mogul be profitable and popular on social media. Social media marketing tactics that other biz owners use won’t work for you. You need something different and customized for you.

Here's what I've learned

and practice

know how

you can skyrocket your social destiny. It's not hard when you

your social destiny. It's not hard when you know how

and a correctly executed selfie or two

and a correctly executed selfie or two you can skyrocket


doesn't exist. With the right training,

doesn't exist. With the right training,                   

you might feel like your business or brand

not on social media

if you are

transform their businesses

with the help of our FLEUR•ish network.

I have seen my clients completely 

You can make money and change the world. You can do social good and use digital media to build a 6 or 7 figure business.

This course is the best way to finding a Social Media Manager on the market...and we can say that with confidence because we hand picked every Social Media Manager PERSONALLY to ensure that they know all of the tips and tricks we use on a daily basis on our VIP A-List clients and global brands.

If you aren’t ready to take action with

Why Not?


personal or business brand

with your

generate income

improving your social

and start working towards 

comfort zone

You need to get outside your

improving your social online presence today if you want to

with your

want to generate income

online presence

today if you

You need to get

outside your

personal or

business brand

are in debt.

According to a presentation by Self Magazine, millennial women spend an average of $784 per month on beauty products, even though 94% of them

$1,200 a year

A recent study by shows that most millennials between the ages of 18-35 spend about $25 a week on coffee. That’s approximately $100 a month or

How do you invest in YOURSELF?

64% of Working Women research products and services on social media.

– SheKnows, July 2016

invest in

What happens when you

Social Media


You set

yourself up for success,


as long as you follow the program and

take action. Imagine how many more cups of coffee and beauty products you could have without it negatively affecting your               

bank account...

take action. Imagine how many more cups of coffee and beauty products you could have without it

negatively affecting your

Beauty products will not create financial security. 

Drinking coffee doesn’t show you how to succeed.

FLEUR•ish will show you how to be a leader in your industry.

bank account

To remind you that having a strong presence on social media is non-negotiable for you, if you are serious about wanting to create your own success. I want to support your vision by making it super easy for you to create quality social content that converts, and lead you toward being both popular and profitable.

for you



There's a voice inside of you that tells you you’re worth it for a reason and you need to listen to that voice instead of the ego driven voice of fear and doubt.

You deserve to make money doing what you love. Your creativity matters. You can put your hard earned time and energy into making yourself rich instead of building someone else’s empire. You can deliver awesome work in this world that is meaningful.

play it safe.

to be a skeptic while you 

zero courage

for permission. And it takes

for permission.


who waited

The world has never been changed by people